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FREE WORKSHOP - January 27 at 7:00pm (ET)

3 steps to having it all (no matter what crazy shit is happening in this world)

In this free workshop, we’re going to walk you through a 3 step system anybody can use to build momentum in their life and experience passion, purpose, and fulfilment like never before.

During this interactive workshop, we will help you figure out EXACTLY what you need to change in order to live your ideal life and achieve your goals. We will cover:

  • The biggest goal saboteur and how to stop it
  • How to sustain momentum in the face of adversity
  • Why you have more power than you think, no matter your past
  • A specific action plan to catapult you towards achieving your biggest goals in 2022
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Research shows that less than 10% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions for more than two months. And if you’re like most people, you probably struggle to unleash the potential you know you have. At Gay Man Thriving, we can help!

What if I told you that last year our clients had the best year of their lives during a global pandemic? Well, they did! 

We had men in our community do everything from…

  • writing their first book
  • going from zero dates in 20 years to marrying the man of their dreams
  • to losing over 20 pounds
  • to making career transitions during extreme economic instability
  • and making dozens of new friends they always wished they had

Our community provided the support necessary for men to step out and better their lives. We invite you to experience our community first hand by attending this free workshop.

As they say, ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes.’ Make a change today and register for this free workshop!

Meet Your Hosts:

Zach Bulls, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Zach works with gay men to help them bring to surface their best selves. He offers a variety of workshops that have profoundly impacted the gay community. Areas of expertise include teaching men to create connections with authenticity and meaning. He is a core energy coach, workshop facilitator, and an avid exercise enthusiast. 

Andrew Sartory, M.Ed.

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Andrew holds a M.Ed and offers a holistic approach to clients who are ready to transform their lives and bridge the gap between emotional well being, exercise, and nutrition.  An avid learner,  he holds a variety of additional certifications including EFT, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Kalish Method of Functional Medicine, and thousands of hours in self-study meditation. 

Make a change today and register for this free workshop!

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