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Private Annual Membership

Your Upper Limit Of Growth Is Contained To The Environment That You Are In

Plants will only grow as big as they can expand in their pots. Fish can only grow as big as the fish tank allows. But when you give them a bigger pot or tank, with more light and food, they get bigger and thrive.
You are no different. If you want to tap into the most confident version of yourself and experience all the passion, meaning, and connection in your life as possible, it’s going to require a new environment that supports your biggest dreams.

About High Vibe Partners

High Vibe Partners is an annual membership for men who have been through one or more of the Gay Man Thriving programs and are interested in continuing their journey with a community of like-minded men on the same trajectory of love, connection, and meaning.

As A High Vibe Partner, You Will:

  • Surround yourself with a high vibe community of passionate, supportive men
  • Tap into your deep well of confidence when taking on new challenges
  • Identify and release unconscious blocks that get in the way of your desires
  • Learn how to trust and follow your intuitive guidance system
  • Practice being in emotionally supportive relationships with other men
  • Become a living example of what’s possible for other men

What’s Included in the annual membership

Click on each item to learn more.

Three In-Person 3-Day Exclusive High Vibe Tribe Gatherings

There is nothing more valuable in life than building and deepening relationships and creating memories with people you love to be around. And nothing can replace in-person bonding and connection. These in-person gatherings will build a safe and intimate container for:

  • Meaningful, expansive conversations and memorable experiences
  • Fostering vulnerability and soul-level connections
  • Letting loose for fun and games!
  • Building friendships that will last a lifetime
  • An environment with zero-tolerance for pettiness and gossip

Each retreat will have a theme and is designed to open your mind and give you new tools and strategies that will radically improve your life.


3-Day Event #1: Body-Mind Wellness Breakthrough


After years of studying, personal training and health coaching clients, Andrew has been able to build a lifestyle that helps him and Zach physically thrive, feel great in their bodies… and having their cake and eating it too!

In this event, we’re gonna dive into ways you can raise your energy

  • Eat healthy, delicious meals together
  • Get the best tips from Zach and Andrew’s personal lifestyle and see how you can integrate what you want into your own
  • Learn new practices and ideas that bring you tons of body-mind-spirit benefits with little effort, that you can implement when you return home

3-Day Event #2: Energize Your Purpose


You have a reason for being here. You have things to learn and roles to fill. When you’re out of alignment with your deeper purpose, things don’t feel good in your life. The more aligned you are, the more fulfilling your life is and the better everything flows.

  • Connect with your higher, soulful purpose on this planet
  • Go through a powerful, eye-opening ceremony with the High Vibe Tribe
  • Bring group and individual healing and insights faster than anything else we have seen
  • Uncover obstacles you had no idea were in your way
  • Rapidly release negative energy and patterns that are sabotaging you from your full potential

3-Day Event #3: To Be Determined Together


The theme and contents of this event will be planned once the High Vibe Tribe has already grown a lot and the best paths forward become more clear. We’ll be asking you what you want to learn and experience most to take things to the next level as we move into the final months of the year.


Monthly 90-minute Reflection Circle (Value – $9,000)


These networking connection calls are where you can come share what’s been happening for you that month, get insight and advice from Andrew, and celebrate your wins. These hangouts will be both FUN and productive and give you a great monthly energy boost! Think of it as an online brotherhood gathering!


  • Celebrate your victories and your progress with your peers
  • Get feedback and course corrections wherever necessary
  • Continue building the community and relationships as you grow together
Quarterly 2-Hour High Vibe Goal Planning Virtual Retreats

Have you ever set a New Years resolution… only to find several months later you totally failed?


That’s what happens without regular, scheduled tune ups.


In one review of 138 studies spanning more than 19,000 participants, researchers found that monitoring progress is JUST AS IMPORTANT to goal attainment as setting a clear goal in the first place.


  • You will feel excited at the end of the event. But without ongoing support and monitoring, making these dreams real just doesn’t happen.
  • Gain clarity on where you want to be in the next 90 days
  • Set clear goals and targets that will help get you there, with expert and intuitive support
  • Identify, uncover and release patterns that have been getting in your way
  • Learn from and release negative energy from the previous quarter
  • Align your subconscious mind to achieve more growth and progress in your life each quarter
Bi-Monthly Group Energetic Visioning Circles (6 total)

Energetic Visioning experiences have been instrumental to the success Zach and Andrew have achieved in their relationship AND the Gay Man Thriving movement. Nothing will motivate and inspire you like being surrounded by others who dare to dream, share that dream, and celebrate when that dream becomes real.


  • Feel your energy rise as others tell you how they see your vision coming true
  • Gain confidence in your ability to achieve things you’ve only dreamt about
  • Realign your energy with your heart’s deepest desires
  • Leave the session feeling sky high from the uplifting, intimate experience and connection with your High Vibe Partners
The High Vibe Tribe

When you’re going through things with other like-minded people who are working towards similar goals as yourself, you’ll always go further. And with a year of being vulnerable, sharing your challenges, and your biggest victories with other men on a similar journey, developing meaningful, lasting bonds is inevitable. The connections you form here can serve you for the rest of your life.

Advanced Modules, Expansive Trainings, and Resources

We are thrilled to bring you the most advanced trainings yet that Gay Man Thriving has ever delivered. Here, you will build on the rock-solid foundations you receive in our other programs, to take your energy, attractiveness, relationships, and ability to be a true, confident leader in your own life to the next level.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll gain from these trainings and processes:


  • Advanced trainings on core energy levels and how to shift upwards
  • Diving deeper into healing old wounds and traumas
  • No-lose problem and conflict solving
  • How to speak so others will listen, and listen so others will speak
  • Getting into your creative flow, the highest level of energy
  • Deeper understanding of self and your inherited strengths, and how to use them
  • Improved confidence and ability in allowing your highest intuition to guide you
  • Increased confidence and connection in your sex life
90-minute Energetic Attraction Blueprint Session

This session is one of the cornerstones of what we do as a core energy coach. We  will help you interpret your assessment results so you can gain massive amounts of awareness of where you’re in a high energy and where you can improve.


  • Celebrate and acknowledge where you’re utilizing high vibe energy
  • Pinpoint your biggest areas of self-sabotage
  • Catapult your awareness in how you’re operating
  • Leave with a clear understanding of what you can do to quickly improve your life
Five 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Andrew or Zach

Life is gonna hit you right in the stomach and knock the wind out of you. Anytime you receive a debilitating blow or want to make sure you’re on the right track, Andrew and Zach are there to help you do the heavy lifting and overcome the obstacles life may throw at you. As you continue growing and getting outside of your comfort zone, these calls can help you feel grounded and more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Anything can happen in these sessions.

  • Get out of your own way, get your blind spots checked
  • Clear the fog of fear and low energy so you can confidently follow your heart
  • Design plans and make big decisions to move you forward
  • Release grief, old trauma, anger, confusion, and more
High Vibe Accountability Partner System

One of the biggest reasons people hire life coaches, mentors, personal trainers, health coaches, etc. is because they need the accountability. Left to our own devices, it’s easy to give in to the gremlin voices and just “do it later.” Throughout the program, you’re going to be paired with another High Vibe Partner who will help hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. And you’ll also get to hold another High Vibe Partner to his commitments.

12-month Access to Weekly Energetic Attraction Coaching Calls

Get access to a full year of the weekly Energetic Attraction Coaching Calls! Anytime you need extra support on raising your energy, navigating a relationship, are feeling overwhelmed by your gremlins, or just need to connect with other high quality gay men who are learning together… hop on a call and join us. These calls are an easy and invaluable way to keep your energy higher and to stay connected.

Exclusive High Vibe Partners Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group that’s only for High Vibe Partners. Post reflections from trainings. Share your wins, challenges, and anything else you want to be vulnerable about. Ask questions from the other guys. The community is here to support you.

High Vibe Inner Circle Group Chat (FB messenger chat with Andrew and Zach)

This group Facebook messenger chat will help create the energetic vibe of an even closer community. Share quick questions. Get uplifting shares and updates from Andrew or Zach to help you keep positive and optimistic.

Free Gay Man Thriving Live ticket

The biggest event in the world for growth-oriented gay men wanting to feel more love, meaning, and connection in their lives. Make new friends, have sh*t loads of fun, and deepen bonds with friends you’ve already made. We’re continually working to make this event more and more powerful.

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