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Private Annual Membership

Your Upper Limit Of Growth Is Contained To The Environment That You Are In

Plants will only grow as big as they can expand in their pots. Fish can only grow as big as the fish tank allows. But when you give them a bigger pot or tank, with more light and food, they get bigger and thrive.
You are no different. If you want to tap into the most confident version of yourself and experience all the passion, meaning, and connection in your life as possible, it’s going to require a new environment that supports your biggest dreams.

About High Vibe Partners

High Vibe Partners is an annual membership for men who have been through one or more of the Gay Man Thriving programs and are interested in continuing their journey with a community of like-minded men on the same trajectory of love, connection, and meaning.

As A High Vibe Partner, You Will:

  • Surround yourself with a high vibe community of passionate, supportive men
  • Tap into your deep well of confidence when taking on new challenges
  • Identify and release unconscious blocks that get in the way of your desires
  • Learn how to trust and follow your intuitive guidance system
  • Practice being in emotionally supportive relationships with other men
  • Become a living example of what’s possible for other men

What’s Included in the annual membership

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