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Uncover the Secrets to True & Lasting Love + Epic Wealth that Feels Unreachable to Most

Uncover how Love + Wealth work hand-in-hand to create a solid foundation for lasting relationships and growing luxury.

Creating this reality can feel unreachable to most, if that’s you or someone you know, then here’s your opportunity to change it.

Free 3-Day Intensive – December 28th – 30th

In this 3-Day Intensive You Will:

  • Uncover the secrets of having lasting Love + Wealth
  • Pinpoint why people unknowingly sabotage their own Love + Wealth
  • Access your Wealth and Love building power

Everyone wants to have wealth to live their desired lifestyle. Everyone wants to have someone to love who loves them back. Many people get one or the other. Some people get both. Even fewer people get both at the level they truly desire.

Let us help you uncover your own inner power…to create epic love + wealth from within

December 28-30, 2021

Free 3-Day Intensive

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Love + Money Intensive

What time are calls held?

Specific call times will be announced. Replays will be available and regardless of your timing/schedule, you will be able to receive this experience when you make it a priority for yourself.

What is the time commitment?

Approx an hour/day with some pre work before we begin.

Dark Horse Retreat

Lanie Smith

Lanie Smith considers herself both a beauty and a beast known as The Cash Whisperer. She is a merciless Truthteller and Business Oracle guiding spiritual entrepreneurs to the heart of what matters…wealth from the inside-out.
Dark Horse Retreat

Zach Bulls

Zach Bulls guides high achieving gay men to have the best love lives imaginable, yet his teachings on Energetic Mastery are universal. He is a firm believer that you really can have it all when you are willing to face the parts of yourself blocking your most authentic self.

Dark Horse Retreat

Kavita Singh

Kavita Singh is a Business Coach and Cosmic Seer. She enjoys the experience of guiding others in creating a reality that they choose to flourish in by unleashing their power through their unique path in unlocking their genius.
Dark Horse Retreat

Andrew Sartory

Andrew, The Thriving Queer, knows everyone has a unique Genius and that not everyone is born to ‘fit in’ to the status quo. He thrives on guiding others towards unlocking their own inner weirdo so they can not only stand out but stand FOR what they truly value while creating  epic health, wealth, and love in the ways that are most natural to their unique strengths and gifts.

Let us help you uncover your own inner power…

To create epic love + wealth from within!

December 28-30, 2021

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