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New Dating Strategies All Gay Men Should Know About

The approach gay doctors, therapists, college professors, and more are using to rapidly attract more romance, passion, and “husband material” into their lives

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Zach Bulls

Andrew Sartory

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You'll Discover...

  • The fastest, most effective way to be more attractive to guys, without changing your physical appearance
  • The #1 strategy that will help you effortlessly attract the life partner of your dreams (no need to force it with the wrong guy)
  • The massively overlooked factor that sabotages gay men in love and dating, and how to avoid it (hint: it all starts with something we call “your inner gremlin”)

Meet Your Hosts:

Zach Bulls, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Zach works with gay men to help them bring to surface their best selves. He offers a variety of workshops that have profoundly impacted the gay community. Areas of expertise include teaching men to create connections with authenticity and meaning. He is a core energy coach, workshop facilitator, and an avid exercise enthusiast. 

Andrew Sartory, M.Ed.

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Andrew, an original Thriving Queer, knows everyone has a unique Genius and that not everyone is born to ‘fit in’ to the status quo. 

He thrives on guiding others towards unlocking their own inner weirdo so they can not only stand out but stand FOR what they truly value while creating epic love, wealth, and health in the ways that are most natural to their unique strengths and gifts

“I have a gay community for the first time. I came out 40 f*cking years ago and I’ve never really felt like part of my community, but I do now. I’m home.” – Maddox

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