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Creating Connections With Meaning

Welcome To The
Gay Man Thriving Movement

Our priority is creating a space where men are encouraged to invest in themselves, deep dive emotionally to clear blocks, and ultimately live the life they have always dreamed of living. We’re glad you’re here!

“This program transformed my life! If you’re wondering whether it can work for you, I promise you’ll have breakthroughs, find freedom, and live a life that you never imagined!”

Warren A.


Who We Are

We are Zach Bulls and Andrew Sartory and we started the Gay Man Thriving Academy to support the emotional health and wellbeing of men in our community. We have developed a variety of programs and workshops to support men looking to improve their life, relationships, and community. We are fiercely committed to ending the loneliness epidemic in the gay community one man at a time. 


Beyond workshops, we have built a community where connections run deep and there is a strong sense of genuine support. Years ago, it became clear to us that the gay community lacked a ‘real’ community where men could be their authentic selves. We want to put an end to men feeling alone or growing old alone.


With thousands of gay men having gone through our programs, we have built a community of men engaged in their own well-being and are supportive of others on that same journey. We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging, surrounded by supportive friendships that lift them up. Only then can we each be our best selves.

Zach Bulls, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Zach is deeply passionate about living a life that is truly authentic and working with other gay men to help them bring to surface their best selves. He’s developed dozens of workshops that have profoundly impacted the gay community. Areas of expertise include teaching men to create connections with authenticity and meaning.

Zach has come a long way on his journey to become the coach, husband and man he is today. Ten years ago, as a recovering meth addict with a new HIV/AIDS diagnosis, Zach wanted to end his life. He struggled with codependency and pretending that everything was ok while hating himself on the inside. After years of working with coaches and mentors to face his shadows and build self confidence, Zach has discovered his innate value, learned to stop pretending and trust in himself to not only survive, but to thrive. 

He is a certified core energy coach, workshop facilitator, and an avid exercise enthusiast. In his spare time you will find him working out at the gym, spending time with his husband and close friends, being outdoors, or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Zach has spent over 3,000 hours coaching gay men 1-on-1 or in a group setting.

Andrew Sartory, M.Ed.

Founder, Gay Man Thriving

Andrew, an original Thriving Queer, knows everyone has a unique Genius and that not everyone is born to ‘fit in’ to the status quo. 

He thrives on guiding others towards unlocking their own inner weirdo so they can not only stand out but stand FOR what they truly value while creating epic love, wealth, and health in the ways that are most natural to their unique strengths and gifts

“I have a gay community for the first time. I came out 40 f*cking years ago and I’ve never really felt like part of my community, but I do now. I’m home.” – Maddox

Are you ready to tear down your walls and move out of your comfort zone? Become one of hundreds of our success stories at Gay Man Thriving. Let us help you uncover your inner personal power, with the support of an authentic, dedicated community.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked…we answered!

I’d have to say seeing men of all different ages, backgrounds, and challenges rapidly achieve things that they didn’t think were possible even just 6 months prior… and feeling more love and connection than they even knew was possible. It’s amazing to witness the transformation.

It’s definitely the community of men that come together and make it feel like family. After working with thousands of men and experiencing hundreds of gay events… we have never seen such a powerful, loving, supportive community of gay men come together to vulnerably work on themselves and achieve their biggest dreams. Lifelong friendships are formed at Gay Man Thriving and time after time our students say it gives them the brotherhood they’ve longed for.

We’ve created proven systems, curriculums, and step-by-step roadmaps that get men the best results time after time after time. Whether you’ve been divorced 3 times and are afraid you’ll only have another toxic relationship… or whether you’re over 50 and have never had a relationship with a man… or anywhere in-between, the GMT programs have helped thousands of gay men attract the happiest and healthiest relationships they’ve ever had in their lives.

Every person is different and therefore every person has a different experience, which you can see through our success stories. Ultimately, no matter where you are in your life, if you invest in yourself and are ready to be vulnerable your life will expand in ways you probably don’t expect….in a good way. I’d have to say don’t take our word for it.. see what other’s have had to say after going through one of our programs. Lives are definitely changed!

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