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Learn The Secret Methods Hundreds of Gay Men Have Discovered So You Can:

 Build Lasting Confidence

 Have The Best Dates of Your Life

 Never Settle Again for an Unfulfilling Relationship (or Being Single)

 Fast Track to the Long-Term Relationship of Your Dreams

Build Lasting Confidence

Have The Best Dates of Your Life

Never Settle Again for an Unfulfilling Relationship (or Being Single)

Fast Track to the Long-Term Relationship of Your Dreams

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Rob O.

“I’m only just over a month in, but it is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in myself, financially or otherwise, that I’ve ever done.”

When You Show Up and Implement the Energetic Attraction™ 90 Day Program You Will:

  • Understand EXACTLY why you haven’t been able to achieve a THRIVING relationship that lasts
  • Become magnetically attractive to the man or men you want to be with
  • Know how to release fear of judgment, rejection and other insecurities that block you from asking attractive men out 
  • Own that you are worthy and capable of having the thriving relationship you’ve always dreamed of
  • Enjoy the dating scene more than you ever have as a single man, and know you’re ready for a smooth transition into “partnered” status when you meet the right guy
  • Connect with other students in the Energetic Attraction™ community who are growing alongside you and make with new friends and/or meet your romantic partner

“Joining Energetic Attraction Coaching has been amazing, right from the beginning. I immediately felt this huge weight lifted, and started trying things I never would have dared try before!”

Jeff M.

Rapidly Transform Your Life and Build Authentic Relationships

The Truth Is:

✅ YOU have a lot to offer in a relationship. 

✅ Deep down you know you’re a great guy and a good human being. 

✅ But for some reason you just haven’t been able to find the lasting Love you’ve always wanted…

And We Know The Gay Dating Scene Can Be Brutal

❌ Guys can be flakey and ghost you when you try to set up a date

❌ Lots of men might not date you because of your looks or your age

❌ Guys say they want a relationship, but then disappear after hookups

❌ Lots of men will get cold feet and leave you because they’re scared

And so on…

There are many reasons why most gay men spend their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond single and alone… 

And we’re here to help put the odds back in your favor.

Who Are We And What Is Gay Man Thriving?

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We’re Zach Bulls and Andrew Sartory, and over the last 7+ years we’ve supported thousands of gay men across the world to have the best relationships they could have ever imagined. 

We founded Gay Man Thriving because we were inspired by our own magical relationship, and we wanted to help more gay men have what we have… 

The kind of partnership where:

  • You grow together regardless of any external highs and lows
  • You can tell each other anything, and still be loved
  • You get to be ALL of you and enjoy each other’s expansion

When you learn to access your own unique Energetic Attraction™…

You will become so attractive to the man of your dreams that he can’t resist being around you. 

FAQ's and Specifics

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How Does Energetic Attraction™ Work?

The real secrets to lasting love and romance have nothing to do with:

-Your age, weight, or skin color

-Your job or  financial status

-Your location

-Your house or car… and so forth


And that it has EVERYTHING to do with ENERGY, which is affected by things like:

-Inner trust and self-confidence

-Keeping your heart open

-Radical self-Love

-Transparency and vulnerability

-Willingness to learn and grow…


And most of all:


How the man feels when he is around you, and you him.


And we’ve created the MOST POTENT path for you to become the man that your most suitable potential partners will be drawn to like a MAGNET… WHILE being authentic and NOT trying to do anything weird to impress them.



Who is Energetic Attraction™ for?

Whether you have zero long-term relationship experience… or you’ve been heart broken from past relationships… we guarantee you we’ve helped a man like you have a wildly successful dating and love life. 


Energetic Attraction™ is For Gay Men Who:


-Are tired of being hurt from relationships (or afraid you’ll hurt someone else)


-Don’t ever want to settle for a mediocre relationship


-Haven’t given up hope on having the long-term relationship of your dreams


-Are growth oriented and want to learn what you can change to have better results (and not blame other gay men for your relationship challenges)

When I Enroll in Energetic Attraction™, What Do I Get?

When you enroll in Energetic Attraction™, you will get:


-Lifetime access to Energetic Attraction™ course modules and curriculum


-Three months of weekly group coaching calls with Zach via Zoom to get any questions answered, and to learn from the experiences of other gay men (recordings available)


-Lifetime access to private Energetic Attraction™ Facebook group to ask more questions and connect with other men


-Personalized Core Energy Assessment & Debrief Session with Zach


-Surprise Bonus Trainings with Andrew 


-Private onboarding call with GMT Success Specialist

What’s Required of Me to Get Results?

This program is a FOOLPROOF program and it WILL work for you when you simply:


  • Create time and space for yourself to watch trainings (about one hour/week)
  • Take action – schedule dates and connect with other men the exact way we show you how
What Kind of Specific Outcomes Can I Expect When I Go Through This Program?

When you complete Enegetic Attraction ™ you will:


-Forever have richer, more fulfilling relationships – in the romantic department and all others

-Trust yourself more when it comes to dating (know when to go deeper with someone and when to say goodbye)

-Have a greater sense of inner self-confidence, no matter what kind of crazy shit is happening in the world

-Have access to a community of brothers who are also growth oriented and capable of forming great meaningful friendships and romantic relationships

Do you guarantee I’ll have a boyfriend in 90 days?

No – there is no guarantee you will have a boyfriend in 90 days. This program is about the inner transformation you will make and skills you gain that will last you for the rest of your life. Boyfriends may come and go, but your inner confidence and ability to authentically connect with others is here to stay. And this will help you thrive in ALL of your relationships moving forward.

What Is The Refund Policy?

There are no refunds for enrollment in this program.

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