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Here are just a few of the things that guys have been able to accomplish in the Gay Man Thriving Coaching Academy:

"I am happy to say that five months into the program, I actually am in the dream relationship that I've been looking for my whole life."

Rob Metzen

"I'm so much happier now. I'm more confident, I'm more secure, and I'm more independent than I've ever been."

John Hanbury

"I have a lot more self confidence than I've ever had before and I feel a lot more strength in myself that I didn't really know existed."

Ted Smith

"I'm in my first relationship with a man and it's pretty awesome. I never really thought I could feel this way, feel as confident as I am."

Brian Delaney

"I'm showing up better, I'm showing up happier, and I'm showing up more open. I get to live in the moment."

Craig Brucato

"I've been offered solutions and encouraged to try things along the way. I'm not afraid to engage with people here and there and everywhere."

Jody Dalton

"My fear around going on dates is diminished. I'm more present. I'm more attentive and I feel like I'm more in tune to the world around me."

Brent Hoffman

"I've made more progress in this program in just three and a half months than I did in 10 years of therapy."

George Allen

"Since joining this program with Zach and Andrew, I have gone on more dates than I had before."

Jesse Matthews
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I used to struggle with my self-confidence when it comes to meeting and dating other guys. I never had the courage to speak up when I saw someone cute. I felt lots of pain and worthlessness. I didn’t feel like I could go on much longer since I didn’t have any experience in the dating realm, and I was afraid about getting older. Zach and Andrew helped me shift my mindset in ways I didn’t think was possible. They helped me learn that I’m capable of love and being loved.

 Today, I’m happy to announce that I’ve gone on several successful dates and I am currently in a happy and healthy relationship of 4 months with my boyfriend I greatly enjoy spending quality time with him, and I know he feels the same way. We talk every day, and things are going very smoothly.

I would highly recommend working with Zach and Andrew if you are a gay man struggling with the gay dating world and finding a happy and healthy relationship, no matter how inexperienced or “old” you are. I would say that getting help from them could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

I personally wouldn’t be where I am today without their help and I owe them my happiness.

When I first connected with Zach and Andrew at age 63, I was sitting in a non-ending loop… deeply wanting connection… a boyfriend to share my life with, and continuous self-sabotage preventing it all. I had a voice in my head that said NO one would want to be with me. The Gay Man Thriving program helped me realize that people actually DO like to be with me and helped me finally stop the negative self talk. And now I’m so happy with my boyfriend — he’s great. And most importantly, I’m much more at peace with myself and no longer feel worried about the future.

Bryan Harold Testimonial

Zach and Andrew helped me believe that love was possible for me too, which helped me feel more confident to be open hearted, lean into growth, and take risks I used to avoid. This resulted in more self-love and acceptance, and enjoying standing strong in my value. Now, I am probably dating more than at any other time in my life – and I’m 64! I would strongly recommend working with these guys. They’ve got a surprisingly vast amount of knowledge about the psychology of growth and personal development.

Michael Gregory Testimonial

I used to always feel like I was coming up short in life and in my relationship. With Andrew and Zach’s help, I’ve seen great progress in areas of my life where I was stagnate even after years of psychotherapy. Now, I’m present and appreciative in my relationship with my partner of 15 ½ years and things feel so much better. At 52, I’m no longer afraid that the best parts of my life are behind me.

Steven Preuss Testimonial

I used to get really nervous and anxious when it came to talking to guys I was interested in. I felt like no matter what I tried, things wouldn’t work out in my love life. Zach and Andrew have helped me permanently change my mindset. Now I can see things from many different angles that I used to not be open to… and I feel so much more optimistic than ever before. I’m no longer in my head so much and I’m now confident when it comes to talking to guys I’m interested in.

Ben Kietzman Testimonial
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