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Creating Connections
with Meaning

Are you ready to tap into the most confident version of yourself and experience all the passion, meaning, and connection in your life as possible? Then you are in the right place.

Gay Man Thriving

At Gay Man Thriving we have built a community of men who are engaged in their own personal development. We offer a series of transformational workshops designed to help you become the best version of yourself possible.

Learn The Secret Methods Hundreds of Gay Men Have Discovered So You Can:

 Build Lasting Confidence

 Have The Best Dates of Your Life

 Never Settle Again for an Unfulfilling Relationship (or Being Single)

 Fast Track to the Long-Term Relationship of Your Dreams

Build Lasting Confidence

Have The Best Dates of Your Life

Never Settle Again for an Unfulfilling Relationship (or Being Single)

Fast Track to the Long-Term Relationship of Your Dreams

7 Major Energy Blocks That Keep Men Single

Having relationship confidence, being unapologetically you, and feeling secure in your own skin is the fastest way to attract the relationship and friendships you desire…

A Gay Mans Guide To Love Mockup Image

A Gay Man’s Guide To Love

Love and connection isn’t about your age, race, body type, or your past. Discover the 3 steps to having the relationship of your dreams…

See What Others Have To Say

Hear from some of our students

What You’ll Experience

Imagine being excited about your future and feeling good about who you are and what’s happening in your life. Together, with the support of this community, you can change your life. And perhaps, above all, you will feel a solid sense of belonging unlike ever before.

Attract Your Ideal Partner

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Tim C.

“Besides the principles, teachings and the work we do in EAC, I’ve found a tremendous brotherhood of kindred spirits and community in this program.”

Energetic Attraction

Our most popular program rapidly transforms your life while building authentic relationships with others. Men not only walk away from this program loving themselves more, they often attract their ideal partner when they were not expecting it.

EAC is for you if:

  • You are looking to be part of a community of men engaged in personal growth
  • You want to move through emotional blocks with support from two of the best relationship coaches in the gay community
  • You are looking for stronger, healthier male relationships that bring out your genuine authentic self

As soon as you join EAC, you’ll get access to a community of like-minded men, private mentoring sessions, and a variety of resources and tools to support you over a 3-month period.

Join Our Thriving Community

We hope you’ll reach out and introduce yourself. We love to meet new people that are interested in joining our community. At minimum, we hope you’ll request to join us in the Gay Man Thriving Facebook Group!

“Joining Energetic Attraction Coaching has been amazing, right from the beginning. I immediately felt this huge weight lifted, and started trying things I never would have dared try before!”

Jeff M.

Are you ready to tear down your walls and move out of your comfort zone? Become one of hundreds of our success stories at Gay Man Thriving. Let us help you uncover your inner personal power, with the support of an authentic, dedicated community.

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