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How Gay Man Thriving Came To Be

We work with gay men who are tired of feeling alone. We help them have the relationship of their dreams.  

Before Zach Bulls and Andrew Sartory founded Gay Man Thriving together, they each had their own successful practices helping both men and women in different ways, with their different skills and experiences.

Zach, a personal and life coach, focused on helping his clients build their confidence and overcome inner blocks so that they could achieve personal goals, both around relationships, professional goals, and more.

Andrew, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with a Masters in Health Behavior and Health Education, focused on helping his clients achieve optimal health and overcome a lot of symptoms from extra weight, IBS, joint pain, depression, and more.

Coming together to deliver even deeper transformations

Zach and Andrew loved their practices and the work they did with their clients, however, they both knew that together they could help their clients achieve even deeper transformations.

(And they also had a secret desire to be business partners, in addition to being life partners).

Andrew, being a visionary, had always wanted to help as many people as he possibly could, in the deepest ways possible – to end as much suffering as possible and create as much joy at the same time.

And he realized that both his and Zach’s greatest source of joy came from their shared experiences, connections, and relationship with each other.

More and more, they began feeling compelled to help others achieve the deeply connecting, loving, and fulfilling relationship they’d achieved with each other.

Facing the crippling challenges in the gay community

Yet at the same time, they saw how many gay men were feeling lonely, isolated, lacking self-confidence, and fearing that they’d be alone for the rest of their lives.

They quickly realized that since so many gay men reject themselves at a young age, they grow up thinking they aren’t worthy of truly THRIVING in many aspects of their life, and so they subconsciously (and often consciously) sabotage their own happiness.

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