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Transforming The Relationship With Yourself

Do you want the romantic relationship of your dreams?

Well, you might have heard this before… but I’m here to remind you and help you understand it even better.

If you want to have the romantic relationship of your dreams, then it really starts with loving yourself and having an amazing relationship with yourself.

In fact, your relationship with others can ONLY be as good as your relationship with yourself.

This goes for your romantic relationships and all your other relationships.

We see so many gay men sabotage their own love lives… and it all starts with how they treat and view themselves.

In this blog post, I talk about 3 ways to focus on improving your relationship with yourself.

When you’ve got this down, EVERY relationship you ever have will be infinitely better.

But most of all, you’ll become *at least* ten times more likely to attract and build the relationship of your dreams.

Here are the 3 areas to focus on:

  1. You have to feel deserving of receiving massive amounts of love.
  2. Be confident in who you are and express yourself authentically
  3. Honor and respect yourself

Step 1: You have to feel DESERVING of receiving massive amounts of love.

If you don’t feel deserving of great love, your subconscious mind is going to make sure you don’t attract love.

You won’t be able to receive love even when it’s coming right at you.

Instead, you end up doing things to repel it.

Many times, you won’t even be aware of it because this is happening subconsciously.

When you don’t feel deserving of love, or you don’t feel loveable, this can show up in many ways, like…

  • Falling for and pursuing guys that are unavailable
  • Being attracted to the kind of guys who don’t treat you well
  • Settling for a guy you’re not really into
  • Feeling like no one is interested in you
  • Sabotaging a relationship when it starts going well
  • Getting easily offended by other guys
  • Telling yourself you’re too busy to go on dates

And this is just a small example of how this believing you aren’t deserving of love can subconsciously affect you.

But when you DO feel deserving of love and you KNOW that you’re incredibly loveable (and FYI, you are!)… this will catapult you to magnetically attract the love of your life.

Everything changes when you feel worthy of love.

Your subconscious will start to support you in attracting your dream man and all of a sudden things will start to feel so much easier.

You’re going to start noticing more opportunities of where you can allow love into your life. And you’ll start moving towards them automatically because you know you deserve it!

You’re going to have more positive thoughts and patterns that support you in attracting your dream relationship…

Such as…

  • Feeling optimistic you can attract a great guy
  • Having a sense of security and ease when on dates
  • Not being surprised if someone shows interest in you
  • Feeling more confident to ask guys out

In fact, this first step is the most important step of all.

Because when you truly feel and know that you’re worthy and deserving of unconditional love…

And that you deserve a relationship that will support you in feeling more love and joy than ever before… it sets the stage for everything else to fall in place.

  • You’ll feel confident in being yourself, which will allow you to attract a great guy who loves you for you!
  • You’ll be more confident and eager to get out of your comfort zone more and meet more prospective partners for dates.
  • And of course, you’re going to honor yourself so much more.

2: Be confident in who you are and express it authentically.

We’ve talked to so many guys who are afraid about how they show up in the dating world.

They’re afraid of being judged or acting in the wrong ways…

They think things like:

“How much should I text him?”

“Is it bad if I act too feminine?”

“I feel too ugly to ever find a boyfriend.”

“I feel like an outcast in the gay community.”

There’s so much fear around acting the “wrong way” and guys think that if they plan out the perfect way to act… THEN they’ll have success in their dating life…

But this is what really happens when you’re afraid to be yourself when someone is getting to know you…

  1. You put a wall up.
  2. You feel tense and unable to relax, because you feel like you’re hiding something. (Which makes it harder for others to relax).
  3. You block them from seeing the REAL you… which means you block them from being attracted to the REAL you. (And you might attract guys who like the false you, and then reject you when they get to know you better.)

As you can see, this puts a hugeblock and prevents real authentic, loving connections from happening.

But on the other hand, when you’re confident in who you are and express yourself authentically, this makes you magnetic to guys who would be a good fit for you.

In fact, they’ll be drawn to you naturally, without you ever having to try hard!

You have a lot of love to give and a lot to offer. And when you can just confidently be yourself, you allow your unique quirks and qualities to show.

And the right guys will detect your authenticity in every interaction you have.

You’ll feel more relaxed and open, which will allow for deeper connections to be made more easily and quickly.

And when you’re openly giving yourself permission to be YOU, people around you will immediately feel more relaxed and open to being vulnerable as well.

This is especially key when you’re going on dates. And when you can confidently be yourself with a guy… you’ll either quickly realize that it’s not a match (and there’s nothing wrong with that)…

OR you’ll have them fascinated, intrigued, and eager to get to know you even better because you’re so easy and fun to be around!

You want to attract a guy who loves you for YOU. And who appreciates you and your quirks. Who admires your strengths and lovingly accepts your weaknesses.

And in order to do that, you’ve got to be confident in just being yourself and being authentic.

3. Honor and respect yourself

This is about magnetically attracting the love of your life.

A relationship where you’re honored for who you are, where you can experience more love and connection than ever before.

It’s not about attracting just anyrelationship just so you can have one.

And so the final step is to honor and respect yourself.

When you don’t do this, you can find yourself dating someone that drains your energy and doesn’t make you feel good.

You can find yourself bending over backwards to make them happy…

And doing whatever you can so that they approve of you…

When you’re not honoring or respecting yourself, you might compromise your own values and deepest desires just so you can “makes things easier.”

But this is a recipe for long-term disappointment. A relationship where you can feel alone, even if you’re in the same room as your partner.

And that’s not what you want.

So instead, you want to honor and respect yourself.

When you do this, you’re taking a stand for yourself and telling your subconscious mind, “I am worthy of an AMAZING partner. I’m not going to settle for just anyone.”

And from that space, you won’t be distracted by guys who aren’t the best fit for you.

You won’t be tempted to give them your energy, at the expense of being more productive with your time and mingling with guys who are a much better fit for you.

So, what does it look like to honor yourself in the dating world?

  • If your main goal is a relationship, and you’ll feel sad or rejected if you never hear back from a guy after you sleep with him on the first date… then don’t sleep with him on the first date.
  • If you feel interested in a guy, but it’s REALLY hard to get them to schedule something with you… they aren’t responsive, and it feels like pulling teeth to make plans… it’s time to move on.
  • If you start sensing that a guy is trying to make you into something you’re not, or trying to control you… next!
  • Don’t waste time with guys who don’t honor you or show you respect.

When you honor yourself, your time, and you energy like this… you’re sending out BIG messages to the universe.

You’re saying, “I’m done playing games. I’m ready for a guy who’s on the same page as me. For a guy who honors and respects me. And I’m not going to throw my time away on anyone else.”

And those are the 3 areas to shift to transform the relationship you have with yourself.

  1. You have to feel deserving of receiving massive amounts of love.
  2. Be confident in who you are and express yourself authentically
  3. Honor and respect yourself

Now, transforming your relationship with yourself is just one aspect to focus on when it comes to having the relationship of your dreams.

And it’s something our Dream Relationship System helps gay men all over the world do… but there’s more pieces to the puzzle.

If you want to learn more about the other puzzle pieces and exactly what you can do to have the most successful love life you could imagine…

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